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Secret Key[Secret Key] Starting Treatment Essence (Original Size 155ml)

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netural Sep 23, 2016 ant*******
Recommend Apr 19, 2014 van*******
Recommend Apr 13, 2014 tik*******
Recommend Apr 13, 2014 che*******
Recommend Apr 06, 2014 sab*******
Recommend Apr 04, 2014 djo*******
Highly Recommend Apr 03, 2014 ria*******
Recommend Apr 03, 2014 fan*******
Highly Recommend Apr 02, 2014 mic*******
Highly Recommend Apr 02, 2014 lup*******

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No. Pertanyaan (Q) & Jawaban (A) Anggota Tanggal Status
12847213 Still carry Secret Key Product? din******* 2014-04-12 Terjawab
Dear Miss,

Are you still selling this below item?
[Secret Key][Secret Key] Starting Treatment Essence (Original Size 155ml)
I had checked many times but status always sold out.

Thanks and regards,
[Re] Still carry Secret Key Product?

We were discontinued in Indonesia.
Indonesia, South Korea banned the product.
We can not sell the product.
I've been very grateful.

Thank you.
12791466 주목 해주세요! cal******* 2014-04-07 Terjawab
Please refund my money! I already emailed you but you didn't even answer!
This is my EMS number RR922419301KR. I'm tired of waiting!
내 돈을 환불 해주세요!
오늘 이미 42일 하지만 나는 품목을받지 않았다!
매우 실망 정말!
[Re] 주목 해주세요!

please tell me your order number.
we have to know the order number.

thank you.
12658870 My packets still haven't arrived cal******* 2014-03-26 Terjawab
Hello, my EMS number is RR922419301KR. It's almost one month now, u sent my packets from 27 February 2014 but it haven't arrived until now 26 March 2014. Please check because you always said you will check and contact me soon but you never contact me or give me any explanation. Thank you.
[Re] My packets still haven't arrived
Dear customer,

Sorry to makes you Bother,

Let us check, and contact you back.

Best Regards.
12633087 Unsuccessful delivery lup******* 2014-03-24 Terjawab
dear seller,,
when I checked my tracking number (RR925281200KR) for my order no. 21983664 & 21983665
it is written "unsuccessful delivery" on the status.
my number cart. 76140935 (Mar 08, 2014 )

what happen? can you help me check it?
thank you
[Re] Unsuccessful delivery
Dear. Customers
Thank you for using Cosmetic BOOM.
We are sorry to inform you that we must stop the sale of our products temporally to stabilize systems of ours.
We are writing a letter to minimize any inconvenience that negative situations may incur on our customers.

About shipping of order,
As of 4pm, March 11th, we shipped your order and completed all those who ordered before 4pm.
After 4pm, March 11th, the orders are going to be canceled sequentially.

If you order and would like know status on the order, you will see with your registration (tracking) number of invoice.
And if you check the result that doesn’t go through customs and handling of return packages, we will cancel your order as soon as the products arrive in Korea.

★About one month have passed since the products shipped, We are going to cancel immediately so that clients feel at ease.★

Toward the end of the selling products, it is inaccessible to order through website, please
12612305 package unsuccessfull delivery alm******* 2014-03-22 Terjawab
My package haven't arrived until now.. :'(
Cart no 76121546 (Mar 02, 2014 )
Order no 21957584
Tracking no RR922420446KR
Please help me. :'(
[Re] package unsuccessfull delivery

Order no. 21957584
your tracking number is RR922420446KR.
"Delivery completed"
You should immediately contact your local post office.
This post is a problem that can be solved.

Thank you. ^ ^
12611985 My package unsuccessfull delivery ? please help bon******* 2014-03-22 Terjawab
my number cart. 76124514 (Mar 03, 2014) order number 21961527.... my package haven't arrived until now, but i looked at my tracking number RR922421441KR, .. It has arrived at Jakarta from 12 March but I haven't received the item until now and the the status said unsuccessfull delivery .. can u help me please?
[Re] My package unsuccessfull delivery ? please help

Order no. 21961527
your tracking number is RR922421441KR.
"Delivery completed"
You should immediately contact your local post office.
This problem can be solved post office.

Thank you. ^ ^
12524967 Please help me. My packet undelivery Dia******* 2014-03-14 Terjawab
My number 21938094 please help me. My packet undelivery status in jakarta. :'(
[Re] Please help me. My packet undelivery

Order no. 21938094
please wait until 21 March.
If you do not receive a refund until then I will continue.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you.
12479324 my tracking number not found Pis******* 2014-03-10 Terjawab
dear seller.. when i checked my tracking number for my order no. 21962963, it says Your item number RR922422362KR is not found. it is really my tracking number? please give me a reason..
[Re] my tracking number not found

Order no. 21962962, 21962963
we sent the item via 11 March registered mail.
registered mail usually will take 7-14 days.
shipping was delay due to a flood of orders.
i'm so sorry but it can takes maximum 40days.
registered mail can track.
please track your tracking number.
Try again tomorrow track.

thank you.

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