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[MakMaks]All Flat Price ♣ Korea Blouse Collection ♣ chiffon/lace/luxury/office/print/women fashion

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MakMaks / Korea Kondisi Produk Baru
Pengiriman Dari Dari luar negeri (South Korea)
Metode Pembayaran VISA, MasterCard, Virtual Account ( Bank transfer ), Transfer Tunai, Q·tunai
Layanan A/S Silahkan hubungi penjual atau pusat layanan bagian produksi.
Pengembalian/Penukaran Pengembalian barang ke alamat penjual menggunakan jasa kantor pos/jasa pengiriman lainnya.
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Recommend Great quality!

The top texture was in good quality! Will repurchase again.

Style:S349946 베기레이스 | Color|Size:lemon|F

Dec 09, 2013

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Recommend Mar 19, 2015 cai*******
Recommend Dec 09, 2013 joy*******
Highly Recommend Jun 27, 2013 vit*******
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11322578 Only received 3 pcs mel******* 2013-11-27 Terjawab
Hi, I sid not receive S349958 멕시 / Color/Size:lime/F .
Only received 3 pcs, please double check!

My Cart number: 75431736
[Re] Only received 3 pcs
I'm sorry to hear that.
lime is out of stock.
remains white color only.
Color exchange you do?
Want a refund?
If you answer, I will immediately handle.
Thank you.
[Re] Only received 3 pcs
You should offer me a refund earlier before I asked. What a bad service!
[Re] Only received 3 pcs
Qoo10 will return the money.
Thank you.
[Re] Only received 3 pcs
Up to now, I haven't received the refund.
[Re] Only received 3 pcs
please contact the qoo10.
[Re] Only received 3 pcs
Normally seller will contact and help on this..
[Re] Only received 3 pcs
Seller will only refund application can be processed.
It is a money back qoo10.
Period is also a money back qoo10 be determined.
Therefore, when returning the money should be going to contact qoo10.
[Re] Only received 3 pcs
Could you please help?? Because you did not notify me before when you only sent 3 pcs. Normally, it's seller who help the process.
[Re] Only received 3 pcs
I'm sorry to hear that.
Clumsy my English seems you do not understand.
If you wish to contact qoo10.
Fluent in English, and my conversation with them will help you.
Thank you.
[Re] Only received 3 pcs
Hi seller, you should process the refund for me, because you did not send me the goods.
Please contact Qoo10 and process the refund, OK?!
[Re] Only received 3 pcs
The order was processed your refund.
Qoo10 return the money to you.

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