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[Buy4FreeShipping]MT06★The fall of 2013 new stock! High-quality. The British Fashion Set / lady suit

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Customer Review board
Tingkat Feedback Tanggal Ditulis oleh
netural May 28, 2014 jan*******
Highly Recommend Apr 26, 2014 nab*******
Not Recommend Jan 15, 2014 gra*******
netural Jan 06, 2014 l4n*******
Recommend Dec 31, 2013 mey*******
Recommend Dec 26, 2013 amy*******
netural Dec 21, 2013 hil*******
netural Dec 20, 2013 h3n*******
Highly Recommend Dec 19, 2013 lln*******
Recommend Dec 18, 2013 spe*******
Q&A Barang(21)
No. Pertanyaan (Q) & Jawaban (A) Anggota Tanggal Status
13307731 delivery san******* 2014-05-23 Terjawab
please give me any information about my order cause its almost a month
[Re] delivery
it shows
please check the dilivery company as follow
thank you
13208328 question zup******* 2014-05-14 Terjawab
If i buy more than 4 pcs,do i get free shipping n price lowest? Thx
[Re] question
buy 3 one shipping fee now
thank you
12424309 What does it mean she******* 2014-03-05 Terjawab
I purpose buy these items as number 4 blazer. I look at the advertise that buy 4 free shipping.. but Why after click Buy Now.. totally is much different...
[Re] What does it mean
the promotion should be over now
thank you
12081846 order under type Z12-1/L - not received yet bra******* 2014-02-02 Terjawab
Dear miss.dr,

Up to now, I did not received 1 item blazer under T06★The fall of 2013 new stock! High-quality. The British Fashion Set / lady suit / coat / fashion - with type of blazer Z12-1.

I just check into my shopping listed from all order, suddently I did not see the notification in red color confirm received beside list feedback. and this confirm received were gone on my Qoo10 email.

Please could you help me since I was order on 11 December 2013 until I forgot which store under purchased my staffs.

Thank you and best,
[Re] order under type Z12-1/L - not received yet
order no please,then can check it.thank you
11805823 Free for shipping dew******* 2014-01-07 Terjawab
Is it still free shipping if i want to order more than 4 items?
[Re] Free for shipping
[Re] Free for shipping
It still charge shipping Rp. 238.000 for 4 items?
[Re] Free for shipping
sorry,now is buy 2 1 shipping fee
thank you
11719222 Long time dew******* 2013-12-30 Terjawab
Hi, i had order on 2 dec 2013, i did't recieved the blazer til now. Please reply thank you
[Re] Long time
may i know your order no?
[Re] Long time
i forgot my order number, please check ny my name is dewi rahmawati from indonesia. i ordered on 2 dec 2013.
[Re] Long time
please supply the order no,we check the 12.2 and 12
.3 do not have the buyer named dewi rahmawati .
thank you
[Re] Long time
When i order, i log in with guest mode, than i try to log in again, it rejected because my phone number is did'nt match. Please how to know the order no. Thank you
[Re] Long time
can you contact the qoo10 cs
they will help you
thank you
11690402 4 different items, do i get free shipping ? fan******* 2013-12-27 Terjawab
If i want to buy 4 items but the option are different, do i get the free shipping ?
[Re] 4 different items, do i get free shipping ?
in the same link can get the free shipping for different 4 items
thank you
11660609 Not received f.c******* 2013-12-25 Terjawab
Have not received the lady suit until now
[Re] Not received
the delvery company reply they can not contact you.please contact them ASAP
as follow
thank you

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