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[MakMaks]◆◆New arrival Korea Blouse◆◆High Quality/cotton/lace/chiffon/Check/Stripe/see through

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MakMaks / Korea Kondisi Produk Baru
Pengiriman Dari Dari luar negeri (South Korea)
Metode Pembayaran VISA, MasterCard, Virtual Account ( Bank transfer ), Transfer Tunai, Q·tunai
Layanan A/S Silahkan hubungi penjual atau pusat layanan bagian produksi.
Pengembalian/Penukaran Pengembalian barang ke alamat penjual menggunakan jasa kantor pos/jasa pengiriman lainnya.
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Jun 14, 2015

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Recommend 2016-07-22 cxi*******
netural 2015-09-27 chr*******
Highly Recommend 2015-06-14 che*******
netural 2015-06-04 cut*******
Recommend 2014-11-28 wfc*******
Highly Recommend 2014-11-27 tmw*******
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10607148 Short Blouse 410888885 mel******* 2013-10-15 Terjawab
I'd like to order 6 pcs of it, can it be delivered to Indonesia?
[Re] Short Blouse 410888885
Only EMS is available.
You have to tell me the item you want to.
Cause EMS different prices, depending on the weight.
Commodity prices as well as the EMS you should pay all the price.
Availability takes an average of 15 to 20.
In addition, customs can take a longer time.
Thank you.
[Re] Short Blouse 410888885
I'd like to order:
1) S349958 (lime)
2) S349950 (Cherry Pink)
3) S349918 (Ivory)
4) MS13-492 (Indi pink)
5) S349956 (Black)
Please advice how can I place order for above items, as this item code only applcable for qoo10 sg.
[Re] Short Blouse 410888885
Because the weight of the item first 1kg is equivalent to 0.88kg.
EMS cost is $ 23.5 million Singapore dollars.
The product price is 13.99 * 5EA = $ 69.95.
So you $ 23.5 + $ 69.95 = $ 93.45 must pay.
Hagetdamyeon you buy, though I can pay you a page where you will prepare.
In addition, the product that you want your S349918 (ivory) is out of stock.
Is instead an apricot pink.
Color exchange do?
I'll wait for your answer.
Thank you.
[Re] Short Blouse 410888885
Just take out S349918 if ivory color is out of stock. Please re-calculate and advice how to place this order. Give me the link with a proper setting for delivery to Indonesia with EMS, or is there any saver method?
[Re] Short Blouse 410888885
I'm sorry.
All the items you want are in stock.
With respect to its newly-mail message I sent to you.
Also be sent by EMS if there is no way discounted.
Also you should hurry the decision.
Because, some of the item you want is not in stock almost.
First, if you buy out of other people, and do not restock anymore.
So you should be an answer as soon as possible.
Thank you.
[Re] Short Blouse 410888885
Ok, please prepare and advice how to make the order.
[Re] Short Blouse 410888885
I know you gave her the item.
Please pay at the address below.
Thank you.
[Re] Short Blouse 410888885
Pls give me url link in qoo10 indonesia, because my delivery location is in jakarta, so I can't register in singapore web.
[Re] Short Blouse 410888885
I'm sorry to hear that.
Make direct contact with qoo10.
There is no way I can solve.
Thank you.
10208188 Delivery lei******* 2013-09-21 Terjawab
could you please help me trace my package since I haven't received it until now?
[Re] Delivery
Your tracking number is RM022741891KR.
Please contact us directly to the post office in Indonesia.
Thank you.
[Re] Delivery

To whom I should check my package? which post office do you mean in here?
[Re] Delivery
The delivery company will send you e-mail.
Please check your mail.
Thank you.

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