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XX05★Denim collection! The annual super popular jeans denim jacket denim shirt denim skirt denim dre

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Tingkat Feedback Tanggal Ditulis oleh
Recommend Jan 27, 2015 arc*******
Recommend Nov 05, 2014 rit*******
Highly Recommend Sep 30, 2014 gis*******
Recommend Sep 26, 2014 arc*******
Recommend Sep 11, 2014 jud*******
Not Recommend Aug 12, 2014 feb*******
Recommend Aug 07, 2014 non*******
Recommend Aug 02, 2014 rin*******
netural May 23, 2014 nel*******
Recommend Apr 04, 2014 mim*******
Q&A Barang(18)
No. Pertanyaan (Q) & Jawaban (A) Anggota Tanggal Status
16098256 J137 arc******* 2015-01-13 Terjawab
Hi, what is the different between J137-1 and J137-2? I can't see it clearly on the picture, thx~
[Re] J137
the pocket is different
[Re] J137
What about the color? Is it the same? Thx~
[Re] J137
nearly,not the same
14334446 Seriously?? I still have to pay the shipping fee??? cin******* 2014-08-25 Terjawab
You said you already reset, but i still need to pay the shipping fee for every item i purchase???
"every purchased more than 279.000IDR. GET FREE SHIPPING" <<< what do you by that????
this is some kind of scam or what???? I want to buy 4 item total about 590.000idr so that's mean i don't have to pay the shipping fee RIGHT???
But why everytime i add those item to cart, it says that i have to pay 476.000idr only for the shipping fee???? Is this some kind of scam or what??
[Re] Seriously?? I still have to pay the shipping fee???
i have reset the singapore station.
the shipping fee to indonesia is very large.
and it charged by the weight.4 item need about 300.000idr
if you like can order it first,after you get the item we will refund the 176.000 to you
14207526 Why i still have to pay the shipping fee?? cin******* 2014-08-12 Terjawab
I want to buy 4 item but i still need to pay the shipping fee even in your page it says free shipping if minimum order more than 3 item. And the crazy thing is i need to pay the shipping order per item??? Seriously?? It's fine if i still have to pay the shipping order but only one shipping price for all item!! Nonsense.
[Re] Why i still have to pay the shipping fee??
reset,pls try again
13285133 wrong item nel******* 2014-05-21 Terjawab
dear Qoo10,

i'm already receive the item, but it's not my stuff..
i already pay for the tax and i pay with expensive price to get all af my cloth..

really need your advice, coz i dont want to take out my money anymore!!!!
[Re] wrong item
please take a photo with the item.
thank you
11820384 Ask for custom Fee des******* 2014-01-08 Terjawab
We need to know, did we must pay extra for duty here ( jkt-indonesia) , or mean the charge we already pay is out off Custom fee ?
[Re] Ask for custom Fee
the cunstom fee is charged by the custom
not pay here,not every parcel need pay the duty
[Re] Ask for custom Fee
Thanks for your kind info

i already order up to IDR 1,000,000 but why we must pay for the shipping ...promotion said " for buying IDR 479.000 free shipping...pls check my order and give me information, is there any charge after the cargo arrive ?
[Re] Ask for custom Fee
please give me the order no.
the tax is not charged by us.
we still do not know which parcel need pay the custom fee.
please understand.thank you
[Re] Ask for custom Fee
21745963 my order No...thanks for your kind assistance

[Re] Ask for custom Fee
it shows your order have waiting for payment.
please check.
we will do our best to let you pay less
thank you
11793590 Which size lit******* 2014-01-06 Terjawab
For WY37 which size should I choose(my bust is 98cm)?couse it's only shown 1 size--M
[Re] Which size
this type is the free size,so only the M size to choose
11658586 size dya******* 2013-12-24 Terjawab
i've placed order for *promoprice 002-1 size M, j130-1 size M and type 098 size L , did i choose the right one? my size is 37 cm for shoulder and 87cm for bust. thank you so much ^^ my order number are 21688672/73/74
[Re] size
the J130-1 AND 098 the size you choose is ok
the 002 only the free size
thank you
11652433 Size dya******* 2013-12-24 Terjawab
For all the detail of sizes , is it possible to have like 2cm differences? I used to wear M size, shoulder 37cm , bust 87cm , would you kindly assist whether i've choosed the right size for me. Thank you
[Re] Size
which type do you like
thank you

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