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Welcome to Beureka!

We always strive to accentuate the notion that every one deserves to be appreciated and to be gorgeous.

No matter the age or gender, we strive to bring you the best in beauty so that you can enjoy them!

Stay Awesome!

One of Qoo10 SINGAPORE's Most Trustworth Sellers!

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    1. Are your items authentic and genuine? Why are they so cheap?

     A: only sells geuine and 100% authentic goods and products. We are able to purchase our products from a 

         reliable supplier and thus able to offer such competitive prices on our e-store.



   2. How reliable are your services and will I get my products on time?

     A: works with our courier services very closely and they have been our reliable partner ever since our birth!

         So be rest assured that you will receive your goods in a blink of an eye :)


   3. What is so different between you and other stores on Qoo10? Your prices are not the cheapest!

     A: We always strive to offer competitive prices to our valued customers at Beureka! We go  the extra mile to ALWAYS source for fresh and authentic products, so we believe that our customers would be understanding enough on that :)

        Also, strongly believes that TRUST is important between you and us. Let's work  together to a better tomorrow!


  • Major Shipping company : Qxpress
  • Usual Shipping period:
  • Shipping rate : Shipping rate can differ from item to item. Please see individual item page.


  • If you want to get refund or return item you received, please apply on my Qoo10.

  • We don't accept the cases below:

    • - ex1) over 7days from receiving item
    • - ex2) if items are open/used or damaged
    • - ex3) sending item without prior contact.